Jahson is a very knowledgeable fellow and everyone Ive encountered there is super helpful. They also have amazing high quality product!
Sweet Union Hemp Co. is my favorite go to for pain relief. The CBG is extra awesome and the CBD full spectrum 1800mg is my favorite right now. If you have joint and body pain in the mornings then you need some CBD care! Check em out, they’re the best at what the do.
Absolutely love this place! Jahson is the best. so knowledgeable and will help you in any way.
If you have any questions about CBD this is the place to go. Super knowledgeable, compassionate, and willing to take time to answer any questions. I received so much great information and never felt pressured to buy anything. Worth the visit!
the knowledge and time spent to explain what can help me was awesome!!! thank you guys!!!!
What a awesome addition to our Downtown Monroe community. Jason & Brittany are 2 of the nicest people you’re ever gonna meet. Their knowledge of hemp & CDB products is outstanding. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend you stop by their shop and let them show you around. 5 STARS
my husband and I just dropped in and will continue to shop here love the people, the product, and the atmosphere 5 stars hands down
My mom and I stopped by yesterday and I picked up something for stress. Staff was knowledgeable and professional, the shop is clean and has a good variety of CBD and CBG products. The shop has a lot to offer downtown Monroe. I dig it!
Very well educated in their products, not just slinging whats new. I feel truly cared for. I like that they take the time to talk with me, don't push products and always greet me with a smile!
Came in today and cannot believe the kindness I was shown by Jahson as he listened to my ailments and suggested products. Living with chronic autoimmune diseases can be made easier with CBD or CBG I do believe. Can’t wait to find just the right product and dosage for me to help me live my best life! I love this place! So glad I stopped by. I will be back soon.
Amazing people! Very knowledgeable and caring about their customers. I enjoy talking to them and their CBD products are nothing short of amazing.
Me and the wife dropped in yesterday and was amazed at the products. Super nice over the top help and experience. Slept good last night. I’ll definitely be back.
The owners are awesome and really listen to your needs. They help you find the perfect product for you and I feel they help you out because they care not just to make a buck. I totally recommend them. I sleep like a champ now! Thanks TJ!
I went in today to hug my brother. The place was busy with excited people and testimonies. I was blown away at the knowledge he had for every persons different need. And he has honest hours!!!!!!
I had the pleasure of going yesterday. They carry a full range of products and Jason was super knowledgeable. I got lotion, a sleep diffuser and the coffee. I’m really excited they are there. Lots of cures for what ails you.
I stopped in today and Jahson was so knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely be back!
awesome place, excellent products, the owner is pure awesomeness in action! many blessings of love to him and the shop. I'll be a Friday regular! love you man, so proud and happy for you!
He’s one of the most knowledgeable guys on this subject. Of course he’s my #1 choice!
Jahson is super knowledgable and easy going. Great selection of hemp flowers (amazing likeness!) and CBD products. Go check it out you WILL NOT be disappointed!